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Nissan Tiida Features

Nissan Tiida Features

The 2010 Nissan Tiida comes in 3 grades: Nissan Tiida 15SNissan Tiida 15M(or 15B for the Latio) and Nissan Tiida 18G. The 4WD options are identified by a Four that is added to the grade(for example, Nissan Tiida 15S Four) Below are the specifications for these grades.

2010 Nissan Tiida Grades
1. Nissan Tiida 15S – This is the base model. It comes with the 1.5L dCi engine, 15 Inch steel rims and key-start
2. Nissan Tiida 15M/15B – It comes with the 1.5L d dCi engine, 15 Inch steel rims, Keyless and fog lights
3. Nissan Tiida 18G – It comes with the 1.8L dCi engine, 15 Inch Alloy rims, Keyless, and fog lights

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