Import Procedure

1 Search Stock

Select a used vehicle from our stock.
Check details by examining vehicle data and photos.

2 Estimate inquiry

After you select a vehicle, please make an inquiry.
The price offered is as follows.


Total Price

3 Sales confirmation / Pro-forma invoice

Once we both agree on the deal, we will send you our sales confirmation/pro-forma invoice by email.
Registered users will be notified via the My Account service.
(So sign up for the service, and use convenient features!)
We reserve the vehicle for you.
The vehicle will be kept for you for 48 hours.

4 Payment

Complete the payment by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) Remittance. After you have completed the payment, please send us a copy of the T/T.
All bank charges must be paid by the sender.
Please state your Invoice number in the “description” field.

5 Shipment

After receiving the full payment, we will immediately begin arrangements for export via the first available vessel.
We will send you documents by courier a few days after the vessel leaves Japan.

6 Receive documents from World Navi

Once you receive the documents, you can prepare to receive your vehicle at the destination port.

7 Deliver for your vehicle

You will receive your vehicle once the vessel arrives at the destination port.

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