Toyota Noah Features

2013 Toyota Noah Features

The Toyota Noah is a 7 or 8 seater van with sliding doors on both sides. There is a 5 seater option available but it’s not common in the Kenyan market. The 2013 Toyota Noah falls in the second generation that was in production from 2007 to 2013. In the Toyota classification tree, the Toyota Noah is in a class above the Toyota Sienta and below the Toyota Alphard. It competes locally with the Toyota Voxy, Nissan Serena, Honda Stepwagon, Mitsubishi Delica and Mazda Biante.

The first generation Noah was plagued by technical issues that were attributed to the 1AZ engine. These issues were addressed in the second generation by the replacement of the 1AZ with the 3ZR engine. The Toyota Noah and Voxy were the first Toyotas to receive the Valvematic engines back in 2007. Read more on the Valvematic engine here.

The 2013 Toyota Noah is only available with an automatic CVT transmission and comes in both 2WD and 4WD options. There is only one engine available with the 2013 Toyota Noah and that is the 2.0L 3ZR.

2013 Toyota Noah Grades

  1. Toyota Noah X – This is the base model that is a 7 to 8 seater. It comes with manual sliding doors, steel rims and rear attached seats. It has the following sub-grades (X, XL, XL Selection, XG)

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